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Revised Dec 2007 - replaces all earlier versions.

StormSurf Traffic is a NOT a "paid to surf" traffic exchange. Our mission is to provide an advertising medium to our members and customers. ALL newly added web pages, as of 1st December, 2007 must be in the English language. Non-English sites, previously admitted, may remain as long as the site and member account are in an "Active" state.

We provide free and paid members with the opportunity to earn advertising credits for viewing members' and non-members web pages. No subscription is  required.

Your payment for Advertising purchases are not refundable under normal circumstances after delivery of the service has started. If you have a subscription, subscription fees are refundable for up to 7 days after the subscription is initiated. A subscription may be cancelled by either the member or StormSurf Traffic for any or no reason. You understand that your account will be downgraded if your subscription is cancelled. You accept that to attempt to reverse or chargeback any payment may damage the program and its membership and is grounds for account deletion.

Purchasing Advertising or Subscriptions from StormSurf Traffic indicates that you have read, understand, and accept all terms and conditions disclosed on the site. You understand that we are not a Paid-To-Surf and do not offer ANY earnings for surfing pages.

You accept that the services provided by StormSurf Traffic are "as is" and may be discontinued or modified, in whole or in part, at any time for any reason. StormSurf Traffic intends to provide the services indefinitely but cannot be held responsible for events outside of its control. Such events may include a reduction of participation in the business, computer failure, network failure, and existing or new legislation. We operate in good faith. We will take any action which we deem to be necessary to ensure the viability and survival of the business.

Payments, if any, made by StormSurf Traffic are derived from the net proceeds of the sale of Credits, Banner Impressions, Pro Member purchases and subscriptions, site and email advertising, eMail marketing, sale of digital products, and other revenue producing activities. We do not invest any income derived from membership sales and our revenue is not enhanced by investments. Our income is derived solely from the sale of advertising, memberships, and online marketing of digital products. We reserve the right to make adjustments to surf ratio's, cost of Credits, or other advertising or memberships offered for sale by us.

Your account may be deleted if your email is not verified within 7 days or if your account is inactive for 180 days or if we cannot send e-mails to you. Your login email must be kept active. You can change it anytime with the Edit button next to it on your member page. Bounced email is a cause for account cancellation. If your email account asks for verification from us (mailblocks, cashette, etc.) we will NOT verify and will consider this as a 'bounced' email.

You may promote multiple sites but may have only ONE StormSurf Traffic account per person. Any accounts sharing the same IP and payout processor account will be investigated and all related accounts may be cancelled. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT MEMBERSHIP TO PEOPLE WHO CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. We currently do NOT allow new members from TaiWan, China, or Hong Kong.

You agree to receive emails from our administration and marketing departments. You have the option of receiving email from your upline and downline (single levels). Your email address will not be shared with others unless required by law.

The proposed referral commission may be varied at times of slow growth to ensure the continued operation of the program.

StormSurf Traffic does not pay commission on the earnings of members other than PTC ads located within our website.

To receive referral commission your member account must not be Inactive at the time your direct referral upgrades to Pro Membership. We do NOT pay commissions on any advertising purchased.

You may refer family and friends and receive commission for them if they purchase a Pro Membership. You may all use the same computer ONE AT A TIME if each has their own payment processor account. You may be asked for proof that the accounts are not all yours.

You are encouraged to promote StormSurf Traffic but making false representations, using any form of SPAM or UCE including bulk email or posting to forums, lists or newsgroups etc., where such postings are not welcome, will result in the cancellation of your account, the loss of commissions,if any, and possible prosecution.

You agree to indemnify the operators and members of StormSurf Traffic from all claims and harm. In particular, you agree not to attempt fraudulent payments and not to attempt to charge-back or cancel payments.

You agree not to complain to providers or authorities and not to spread negative opinions which could undermine confidence in the program. Such actions, or threats of such actions, will result in immediate cancellation of your account with the loss of all funds. If you have a complaint PLEASE contact Admin instead.

You accept that StormSurf Traffic's ruling on any dispute is final. We are very Fair but not stupid.

When you request a cash payout it must be paid to the same email address and payment processor that your Pro Membership purchase or subscription is received from.

To ensure the smooth operation of this service for all users, it is required that you and each site that you promote with the service must comply with the following:

  • No code to break out of our surf bar frame.
  • No downloads, errors, dialog boxes, alert boxes, malicious code,
       auto-search scripts, or anything which could interrupt
       our automatic or manual page rotation.
  • No inappropriate, illegal, adult or violent content or any text or material that might reasonably cause offense. This includes inflammatory political pages.
  • No broken, under-construction, or slow-loading pages.

    Non-complying sites (or entire accounts) will be suspended or deleted and all credits and earnings lost, without notice. We may not respond to questions about such sites or accounts.

    Your use of this service implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. StormSurf Traffic reserves the right to refuse membership to any person for any reason and to revise these Terms from time to time.

    Last revised December 2007.



  • Joining bonus: 1000 credits (Account activation by surfing 25 pages is required)
  • Credit Ratio: Free members: .7:1, Pro Members:  1:1
  • Maximum sites for advertising per account:
    5 Free accounts
    25 Pro accounts
    50 Advertiser accounts

  • Types of sites allowed: Legal, family-safe sites only which do not disrupt surfing. ONE popup, ONE rotator (NO rotators for Free members), ONE redirect. NO adult or offensive sites. If you use a rotator you must check EACH site and verify that it does not violate any of our Terms.

  • Maximum accounts per person: 1

  • Life of each Pro or Advertiser Upgrade: 30 days
  • Payment Methods Accepted: AlertPay.com, Safepaysolutions.com, and SFIPay.com only, at this time.

  • Commission on Pro Upgrades when directly referred member buys: 20% (subject to participation). Your account must not be Inactive when we receive the Pro purchase payment. Cash commissions are paid on your first level only. Only Pro Members receive cash commissions. Referral credits are paid on, up to, 5 levels depending on your account.

  • Bonuses: Credit bonuses are awarded while surfing. Bonus credits may be granted from time to time. We currently randomly award 5 (five) credit Bonuses DAILY to members who qualify by surfing 500 pages (300 pages beginning January 1, 2008). Free members receive 500 Bonus credits (250 credits beginning January 1, 2008). Pro members receive 1000 Bonus credits (500 credits beginning January 1, 2008).
  • Cash value of credits: Nil - credits cannot be sold or returned at this time except as offered by Admin. We reserve the right to change this.

  • Minimum payout: $5 for all accounts.
  • Payout interval: Monthly, by request. Additional payout requests, in excess of one per month, will be honored but will be subject to a 5% Processing Service Fee.
  • Payout Methods: AlertPay.com and SFIPay.com only, at this time. Payouts are made ONLY to the same payment processor used when you purchased.


    You acknowledge that you are an independent business person and not an employee of StormSurf Traffic. You may, or may not, pay a membership fee to access our website but in either case you do so when you choose to do so and of your own volition. We are a Traffic Exchange.


    It is necessary for StormSurf Traffic to collect your name, email address and, if you reach payout, your payment processor details. For security we also record your IP address. If, in the unlikely event, it becomes apparent that a United States resident will earn in excess of $600 in a calendar year they will be required to submit a form W4 for income tax purposes. If you are subject to back-up withholding you agree to inform StormSurf Traffic Admin in advance of your first payout. Failure to do so will result in NON PAYMENT of any funds earned that are in excess of $599.00. It's the law - don't fight it.

    We respect your privacy and will not pass personal information on to third parties unless required by law.

    No SPAM Will Be Tolerated.

    Any Member Caught Sending SPAM containing Their Referral Link Will Have Their Account, Credits, and Earnings Deleted Without Notice

    Copyright 2005-2009 Janet Online Enterprises dba StormSurfTraffic.com